Four major pain points of digital marketing
Rat race of online
Scarcity of offline
channel alignment
Difficult multi-touch
From cheap and efficient to high investment and low production, online traffic gradually dried up
Difficult collection of offline data, brand data structure leaning on online model, not comprehensive
The fragmentation of channels is intensified, the process of connecting various channels is tedious, and the efficiency of delivery management is low
It is difficult to analyze the attribution of cross-channel and multi-touch marketing
Data insight
What can bring to the brand
Precision Marketing
100,000 stores nationwide, real-time full data +KA retail shopping basket data, high granularity data for insight analysis
Synchronizing in-field + online reach across major KA retail systems; precise reach after payment for retail stores and F&B outlets
Brand Data Compass
Massive data break down
"offline silos"
Data intelligence to support
global insight
Timely foresight of the
competitive market landscape
It aggregates real-time, full-volume, high-granularity shopping basket data from 34 provinces and cities and nearly 100,000 sample stores in multiple retail formats across China.
Automated cleaning and analysis of channel sales data, intelligent generation of bar charts, line graphs and other visual charts, concise and intuitive presentation of market analysis results.
Multi-dimensional, real-time data showing market trends and competitive landscape, such as hot categories/brands, brand penetration rates, brand sales growth rates, etc.
The Voyage of Uni Marketing
Data and marketing closed loop based on market information and precise population
The precise reach of the
crowd in the scene
Precise off-site delivery
Online Synchronized
Input data tracking,
data attribution
After payment, conducting crowd portrait analysis and precise push according to customers' shopping behavior, provide user exposure and coupon issuance of specific scenarios to the brand.
Accurate ad placement on Tencent's platform through shopping basket consumption data OpenID.
Sending product coupons as well as accurate pushing marketing SMS in retailer mini-applications and APPs based on customer consumption habits and membership portraits.
Tracking the conversion funnel of store arrivals based on placement data, as well as actual transaction data.
Mind occupation to wallet occupation
Mass consumer connectivity
Effectively influence purchasing decisions
CCFA Top 100 merchants exceed 60% of GMV, covering over 230 cities.
Millions of cash register facial payment devices to the lower-tier market fully touch, covering over 370 cities.
Helping brands influence the retail space around key touchpoints in the consumer purchase journey, leading to channel sales growth.
Accumulation of brand data assets
Multi-touch marketing attributions
Integrating and analyzing retail omni-channel media marketing and retail member data, forming online and offline omni-domain consumer data insights and portraits, providing support for subsequent crowd placement and accurate marketing optimization.
Helping brands track and measure the offline conversion effect of online promotion based on years of retail resources accumulation and big data algorithm analysis capability, quickly completing the attribution of activity effect, and helping to comprehensively evaluate the value of the channel.
Brand data asset accumulation
interactive marketing
Virtual shopping guide
Virtual digital person
Diversified interactive game play+promotion/lottery/fission mechanism to create an interesting shopping experience in Yuanningzhou.
The store digital screen, combined with virtual shopping guide technology, provides remote shopping guide "one-to-many" services for store customers.
Create new IP for brand design, including original painting, 3D modeling, etc.
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