Data Monitoring and Analysis
Coca-Cola Brand Data Visualization Board
Pepsi-Cola Marketing Effectiveness Monitoring and Attribution
Real-time collection, cleaning, and analysis of nearly 2,000 cooperative stores' dynamic sales data, building a four-level classification system and attribute labels for categories, and visually monitoring and displaying the multidimensional channel sales status of brands and products.
Fuzzy matching analysis between the desensitization data of online advertising exposure group limited by advertisers and the store consumer sample database established by Kiwi on the basis of data compliance, safety and neutrality, to help brands monitor the offline conversion effect of OTV&APP advertising (PDB precision marketing), and conduct data analysis and attribution. In July 2022, the case won the Top Digital Gold Award in the "Marketing Case - Data & Technology Category".
Marketing Placement
Mars Double Eleven Uni Marketing
SHINY MEADOW - Sakura Season Marketing
Milkground Marketing Promotion
Ambrosial New Product Marketing
Budweiser Olympics Marketing
Kiwi cooperated with Mars to carry out the theme of the Double Eleven region-wide activity, developing interactive marketing programs across online and offline domains, and placing across multiple retail systems in nearly 1,000 locations nationwide to achieve a region-wide reach across online and offline channels. Through this marketing activity, Kiwi helped the brand effectively reach 347,000 consumers, 12,000 consumers participated in the experience, and the total number of hours of consumer interaction in stores was 936.
Kiwi developed a "store interactive screen plus retail O2O" wish-making marketing program for SHINY MEADOW to meet the needs of the brand, attracting consumers to actively participate while highlighting the selling points of the product. During the campaign, the number of natural distribution increased by more than 350%, the coupon collection rate reached more than 50%, and the checkout rate was more than 80%.
Based on the popular "PAW" IP content, Kiwi created the "PAW Quiz Challenge" marketing campaign on digital screens in stores and launched it in several stores in Shanghai. During the launch period, the exposure time of 10 screens in a single store was more than 140,000 per month. The average distribution amount of stores increased by 61.39% month-on-month, and the coupon write-off rate increased by more than 15%.
Based on motion-sensing technology, coupons and other elements, Kiwi created a Motorcycle Crossing game-like interactive marketing plan for Ambrosial, which was put on the digital screens of 100 stores of a retail company in China. The average product sales in the store increased by more than 190%.
Creative play of virtual background technology combined with celebrity photography: Kiwi provided immersive interactive marketing solutions for Budweiser stores. The activity was dynamically placed in more than 500 media spots in a mainstream KA retail store, contributing to an overall sales growth of more than 20%, with sales growth of up to 30% in some regional stores.
Store Experience
Procter & Gamble "Virtual Hair Change"
【Saky】Intelligent gravity-sensing shelf marketing in superstores
Lucky Bag & Gold Coin - Multiplayer interaction
UTRICIA Store Virtual Shelf
Through Kiwi AR technology, brand customer P&G helped store customers to realize 3D hair exchange interaction, simplifying the original "photo and AI processing hair exchange" experience process. This activity achieved over 200% of consumer dwell time and 10% increase in store conversion.
Multifunctional gravity-sensing shelves were arranged in chain supermarkets to create high-end novelty scenes, target precise customer acquisition and enhance brand influence. This activity attracted young consumer groups, the consumer participation rate was as high as 80%, and the electronic coupon cancellation rate was 13%.
Multi-person interaction mode in retail scene to create deep interactive experience
A virtual shelving system was launched on in-store digital screens in 90 of the brand's offline stores, displaying and selling imported product SKUs, extending the in-store display space, and enhancing offline insights and sales. The campaign achieved a 33% customer engagement rate.
News & Events
At the beginning of November 11, e-commerce giants Alibaba and have gone out of their way to talk about "user experience" without talking about GMV, and simultaneously said that they were physi
As the functional area for collection and settlement, the cashier is the last place for consumers to stay in the store. In the dynamic line design, the cashier is either located at the entrance, or at
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