Three major pain points of retail operations
Failed to precipitate or apply retail data assets
Outdated marketing tools for stores
Single means of realization, hard profit making
Retail data is large, but scattered It is difficult to connect online and offline data, and data silos are serious, making it difficult to gain deep insight and analysis of consumer purchasing behavior
Less interaction and communication between customers and merchants Connections exist only for buying and selling goods It is difficult to create stickiness between traditional coupons and promotional posters and consumers
Retailers face multiple challenges from e-commerce and the pandemic; Cost rise profit difficult, there is a flow do not know how to cash; A new model of profit realization is urgently needed
Data insight
Membership Operations
Traffic Monetizing
Deep mining of retail consumption data with big data algorithm models to help improve customer portraits and optimize product selection strategies
Create a perfect member label system, gain insight into members and carry out precision marketing for acquisition, retaining rate, promotion, revenue and expansion
Improving in-store, on-store and off-store marketing from three dimensions of "data + content + marketing" to drive customer experience improvement and Traffic Monetizing Pool
What KiWi can empower to retail
Consumer Data Insights
Consolidate category management and pursue the high ground of quality and efficiency
Commodity Profit Analysis
Product Correlation
Social Media Buzz
Analyzing the comprehensive value of products based on Boston Matrix method, helping retailers to optimize product mix and improve profit margin.
Studying customer consumption data, analyzing the correlation between different commodities, mining the internal buying habits and behavior patterns of customer groups, and optimizing sales strategies.
Displaying high-frequency and high-heat associated hashtags, topics and participant profiles of the set categories in the target platform to support online marketing and operations.
Membership Refinement Operation
Data-driven membership marketing and refinement management
Drive sustainable retail profitability with precision, speed and accuracy
Member Asset Deposits
Optimization of consumer shopping experience
Precise customer expansion/activation/retention
Conduct an in-depth analysis of retailer member data, shopping basket data, marketing effect feedback data, etc. to build and continuously improve a multi-dimensional retail member profile.
Create a series of new shopping-experience game-like interactive marketing, store red envelope rain, in-store advertising screen and other marketing activities that integrate shopping, entertainment, leisure and social interaction, attracting MAX.
Carrying out online and offline precision marketing and targeted promotions based on rich member tags and digital devices to enhance member turnover, new customers and repurchasing.
Traffic monetizing
Driving marketing traffic realization and improving retail profitability and operational resilience through deep customer insights and rich retail channel media
Insight and measurement in closed loop marketing
Smart management of marketing activities
Win-win strategy for growth
Offering integrated and structured analysis of scattered retail data, and providing feedback data on the effects of activities such as playing, staying, interaction and coupon, so as to deeply understand audience behaviors and provide optimization suggestions for subsequent marketing activities.
Automating and intelligently distributing ads through OneConnect to achieve synchronization of campaign information online and offline in multiple channels, such as: in-store digital screen ads, accurate content display in the home page ad space of APP/applet, search ads, post-purchase product recommendations, etc.
Deepening the retail-supply partnership by leveraging one side of data and media marketing to jointly gain accurate consumer insights, customer experience optimization and sales revenue growth.
Data Security & Privacy Protection
Meet ISO specifications for information security and privacy protection
Privatized deployment support across the product line
Federated learning algorithm to protect data privacy
For the calculation of one party's data, the whole traceable tripartite neutral country scheme is adopted, without fear of data leakage
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