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Kiwi Technology is the leading and advanced omni-channel marketing digital platform company in China, providing smart marketing solutions for brands and retail customers through the Kiwi One series of products. With more than six years of experience in the pan-retail and FMCG markets, Kiwi Technology applies artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent terminals (loT), and big data to connect every consumer in the transaction scenario, achieving accurate omni-channel reach and "last-meter" conversion. The current long-term partners of Kiwi include some leading enterprises as Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Mars, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, China Resources Vanguard, Wunmart. The large amount of operational experience and data and content assets accumulated during the cooperation provide brands and retailers with warm and digital intelligent marketing services.
Company Honor
2018 - 2022
2018 Hard Tech Leaders Top 100 Companies List
2018 Top 100 Most Commercially Valuable AI Companies in China
2018-2019 Emerging Company Award
2018 Best Community Retail Services Provider
2019 Smart Business Digital Operation Innovation Technology Service Award
CSDN 2019 Outstanding AI Case Top 30+ Best Al Intelligence Application Potential Award
QBD List·Top 10 Most Promising Innovative Companies in Artificial Intelligence 2018
Top 10 New Retail Service Providers in China 2018
WeChat Pay Industry Innovation Competition "Retail" Smart Convenience Store Excellent Case
CCFA - 2019 Retail Technology - Emerging Companies Award
"Bronze Award of CHINASHOP Golden Wing Award for Data-Driven Marketing
QBD List 2019-Top 30 Most Valuable Growth Companies with Times Influence
2022 DMAA International Digital Marketing Awards Gold Award in Marketing Digital Category Silver Award in Data Insight Category
CCFA 2021 Emerging Company Award
ChinaBang Awards 2020 Smart Retail Top 10
Best Chain Service Provider of the Year 2019
2022TopDigital Gold Award in Marketing Case Data and Technology Category
2022 First Heartbeat & Sky Eye Check Best Service Provider and Best Service Provider for Store Digitalization
Kiwi Team
Xi Du
Baocheng Feng
Tong Yang
Kuan Yang
Yilong Zhang
VP - in charge of retail sales division
  • Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke, accumulated many years of experience in large project management and delivery;
  • Accumulated rich experience in machine learning/deep learning algorithms, published a number of relevant papers, and won a number of international algorithm competitions

  • Master of Science HEC Paris
  • UC Berkeley Top Honor Degree in Mathematics and Computing. Studied under two Turing Award winners, ACM varsity member

  • Engineering Management at Microsoft, Link U.S. Headquarters

  • China's 100 Returnee Technology Entrepreneurs

  • Master of Finance and Investment, Peking University
  • Visiting Professor, Communication University of China

  • President of China OTT Advertising Association

  • UC Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering
  • Quantitative Financier, Moody's
  • Swiss Bank, French foreign trade bank quantitative broadcaster Hurun list 30 Under 30

  • Master of Polytech, France
  • Assistant to President of Whirlpool China VP of RLF Smart Technology

Team Background
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Room 702, Building 1, New City Science and Technology Park, No. 69, Olympics Street, Jian Ye District, Nanjing
TEL:025-52601733 E-mail:contact@kiwiar.com Working hours: Monday to Friday09:00-18:00
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