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Brand Diagnostic Center
Ki WiAR's digital representation of consumer benavior provides in-deptn insights based on
marketing fundementals, that would uplift your brand across retail channels
Huge amount of data & tap into channel value
Multi-dimensional insights to create brand experts
Optimization proposals to help overall growth
The shopping basket data covers a wide range of retail formats and helps companies break the "data black box" of offline channels in 34 provinces and cities with a sample library of 100,000 retail stores.
Providing brands with real-time visualization data such as sales, sales market share, market share trends, and in-depth analysis of brand sales, marketing status, and market competition.
Providing intelligent optimization program suggestions through algorithms for the deficiencies of brand channel marketing and operations to help companies grow overall.
Data-driven marketing across the region
Integrated marketing of multi-dimensional scenarios
Empowering new brand growth with retail closed-loop data and scenarios
Cross-retail, cross-regional, cross-online and cross-offline channels
In retail stores nationwide, strategically placed digital displays—including entrance screens, pillar screens, endcap screens, price tag screens, and self-checkout machines—frequently engage consumers, enhancing the shopping environment and influencing their purchase decisions.
Based on retail data and audience packages, brands can conduct precision marketing campaigns across various platforms such as apps and O2O platform with marketing activities synchronized across the entire domain.
Brands enhance engagement and deepen consumer connections by leveraging the experiential benefits of retail scenarios, ssing a high-quality retail traffic pool, brands build community-based connections to sustain operations.
Deeply connect to customer value
From simple to deep, from uni-dimensional to multidimensional mode
From offline "disconnected" to full domain "online" channel
Linking online and offline consumers through retailer membership system interconnection, e-coupon/membership registration, code scanning experience, and full-chain touch-points to achieve efficient integration and complementary advantages of domain-wide resources.
Engaging in the configuration of more than one hundred marketing material templates, supporting multi-dimensional media forms such as images, gifs, videos, interactions and searches, providing rich and attractive brand perceptions and experiences such as game-like interactive marketing, scenario marketing, experience marketing and personalized marketing in the consumer's purchase journey.
Fully exploiting the experience and interaction advantages of retail consumption scenarios, enriching the paths of enterprises to connect with consumers and deepening the emotional ties with them.
Optimizing marketing delivery through marketing automation, marketing algorithm models, big data analysis insights, etc., perfecting domain-wide consumer insights and accumulating high-value assets.
Leveraging the retail quality traffic pool to establish a community-based link with target consumers and empower long-term brand operations.
Digital traceability across the chain
Sizeable, trackable and effective
Covering more than 80 mainstream retail systems
55%Retail terminal share
More than 230 cities and 100,000 retail locations
Reach 200 million people per month
Tracking store visit conversion funnel and actual transaction data through coupon underwriting based on placement data
Lowering marketing costs and boosting long-term value by using data insights for targeted marketing campaigns, matching product categories, regions, and optimal times. ROI is effectively measured by growth in retail sales data and control group stores comparison .
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